Is life more than you can handle alone right now?

Everyone goes through difficult times. Having someone to care, to listen, to share God’s love, can help carry you through those times.

We all face "bumps" in life's road on occasion, and having someone you can trust who is willing to LISTEN, and be there for you to help you through the rough spots can make all the difference in the world.  

Whether you need a Stephen Minister for a few weeks, months or even a year or more, your Stephen Minister is committed to care about you, listen to you, and pray for you, holding all you share with them in confidence.  


Reasons You May Want a Stephen Minister...

  • Loneliness                  
  • Loss of Loved One              
  • Retirement            
  • Unemployment                  
  • Discouragement                          
  • Hospitalization        
  • Divorce                                  
  • Grief                        
  • Terminal or Chronic Illness                
  • Unable to leave your home                
  • Relocation          
  • Empty Nest                            
  • Job Change            
  • Financial Challenges      
  • Employment Challenges                                                              
  • New Child                  
  • Questions about God and Faith                        
  • Disability
  • Change in Health Status


What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another as He has loved us. Through one-to-one, confidential, caring relationships, those who are hurting receive the love and care that they need to support them.


How to Get a Stephen Minister

  • First, recognize that you are hurting and in need of Christian care.
  • Then call our Stephen Ministry Office to speak with one of our Referrals Coordinators about Stephen Ministry or to obtain more information.  
  • Pastor Jack Tubbs takes care of referrals for men (248-629-0787),                                                              Cathy Tubbs handles referrals for women (248-266-0645).
  • Then, with your permission, the Referrals Coordinator assigns a same-sex Stephen Minister to meet with you on a weekly basis.  Men meet with men; women meet with women.

It's that easy!


What a Stephen Minister is...

• A child of God who walks along side a hurting person.
• A caring Christian brother or sister who really listens without judging you.
• A lay person who has received a minimum of 50 hours of training on how to provide distinctively Christian care, and then continues with ongoing twice-monthly continuing education during their service as Stephen Ministers.

What a Stephen Minister is not...

A counselor or therapist
A problem solver
A casual visitor


“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’"   Matthew 25:40